Saturday, December 12, 2009

My New Side Project

Well I'm back from New York and Ottawa and I tell you, what a trip! The Australian High Commissioner was a blast (he gave me some wise advice on my career - bodice rippers are the way to go as far as money earners. But don't put vampires in because they are passe and werewolves will never be sexy).

Yay, now I'm an official Aussie and I loved New York. I learnt something everyday. Example: Two young men sitting next to me on the subway were discussing how their friend just received a year in jail and how they were going to mess up the lawyer when a gaggle of young women boarded the train carriage. The guys then proceeded discussing 'taco butt', which is, by their standards, slang for a narrow butt. I do not suffer from taco butt, but ever the optimist I put it down to an addition to my street cred.

Since I'm back and the novel revision is coming along in strides, I've decided this is a great time to start up my side project. Take a gander here to investigate the matter further:

Above is a photo I took passing the the Lady of Liberty on the Staten Island Ferry. Below are a few other New York photos I took on the whirlwind tour.


The Brooklyn Bridge.

Crossing the Canadian border into New York. Yes, their was drugs on our train carriage and we sat there for two hours.

Times Square.

A Christmas tree on Wall Street.

Our ride in Central Park.